Official: Bing Now Powering Yahoo Search Results

Way back in February I first mentioned the Search Alliance between Yahoo and Bing. According to Yahoo’s latest blog post, the transition of organic search between Yahoo! and Microsoft is now officially complete. You can also read details related to the transition on Microsoft’s blog.

So what’s included in the transition? Yahoo! Web, Image, and Video search experiences on both desktop and mobile devices are all areas that will now be powered by Microsoft’s Bing in the US and English speaking Canada.

Here’s an official quote from the Yahoo blog:

Yahoo! will continue to drive technology innovation in the search experience to bring more value to users and advertisers alike. We are focused on creating rich, immersive experiences that foster serendipitous discovery for people across the Yahoo! network.  As we shared last week, we are also working hard on finalizing our revenue model for the Yahoo! Search BOSS program going forward, and will be offering other search-related tools for publishers in the months to come.

Have you tried out the new Yahoo search listings? What are your thoughts – better or worse? What types of impact do you expect this transition to have on your Yahoo and AdCenter accounts?

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