Best of the Web Discount Coupon Code: 20% Off BOTW Directory Promo

Best of The Web (BOTW) discount promo code

Best of The Web (BOTW) discount promo code

Best of the Web (BOTW) recently sent us a coupon special for the month of October – 20% off your Best of the Web listing fees. For a one-time directory submission, the price is $299, but after the 20% off coupon, the cost comes down to $239 for the one-time submission fee – saving you $60!

You can save 20% on all Web, Blog, & UK Directory Submissions utilizing this discount promo code: “SAVE20”. Note: this promotional code is only valid through October 2010 and can only be used for the BOTW Directory (, BOTW Blog Directory ( and BOTW UK Directory (

BOTW handing out discount or coupon codes is far and few between, so if you were ever considering submitting your website, I would highly recommend taking advantage of this promotion in October. Once your website is included, BOTW is one of the few directories that still has a potential to drive incremental search traffic to your domain and is highly authoritative in the eyes of Google. In terms of achieving a source for a highly-trusted link, I always submit my client’s websites to Best of the Web during link building.

Happy submitting:)

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