Using Google Sitelinks to Drive Traffic to Facebook

Facebook and Google Adwords Sitelinks

Facebook and Google Adwords Sitelinks

I have a client interested in leveraged Google Sitelinks to drive traffic to Facebook. I only know of one particular instance of a client testing this opportunity in the past so I was concerned we would encounter rejection issues due to Google’s URL policy – is obviously not a direct portion of my client’s website. So, I reached out to my Adwords rep.

Here is my Google rep’s response to my question on whether this is allowed, and it includes the Help center language.

“I double-checked my answer before replying to this, because of the instances that you noted below where Sitelinks were used to drive traffic to a Facebook page.  It is our official policy that Sitelinks must adhere to the same Destination/Display URL policies as regular text ads.  If your Display URL is “”, all links must send users to a page within the same domain.  The language can be found here in our Help center (Your Sitelinks URLs must direct users to pages that are part of your main website.).

So while it may be possible to slip these Facebook links into the Sitelink fields, it is not recommended practice per Google.”

So, apparently it is possible, Google just doesn’t recommend it? Very confusing.

Has anyone tried this approach? Did you have success or did you encounter the dreaded ad dissapproved?

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