How To Not Show Other Videos At The End of Your YouTube Video

I’ve written a few posts about YouTube SEO and video optimization but something I’ve gotten asked by clients every so often is “How do you prevent my videos from showing a whole lot of other people’s videos as options once my video is over?”

Well, I thought I’d provide a quick answer via this easy to follow video from Laura Roeder.

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First thing to remember, this cannot be disabled through your traditional YouTube settings. You’ll actually find this option within the embed code for each individual video.

Go to the YouTube video you’d like to edit, then click “embed” below the video. You should see an “include related videos” option that is checked by default. Simply UN-check “include related videos”. Now when you embed your video on your site you won’t have to worry about all the other videos showing up at the end!

Exclude Related YouTube Videos

Exclude Related YouTube Videos

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