Google Changing Display URL Policy Again – All Lower-Case

Adwords Changing Display URL Policy

Adwords Changing Display URL Policy

A heads up to all paid search folks; Google is changing their display URL policy. No definitive date that I can see yet, but in the coming weeks, all paid search display URLs will be lower case. No exceptions. Note* This does not affect text ads on the Google display network.

here’s the low-down in Google’s words:

Change to Text Ads Display URLs
In the coming weeks, we will be changing the appearance of the display URLs of all ads that appear on Google and on search partners’ sites so that the domain portion will always be shown in lowercase letters. This is for searches performed from desktop and laptop computers and from mobile devices. We believe that it improves the user experience and advertiser performance, as it streamlines the appearance of the search results page and increases the consistency of the URLs that are shown. In our testing, we saw that making the change increased the performance of ads CTR.

This applies to all advertisers and affects the domain portion of the display URL, including any subdomains, but does not impact any subdirectories or folders. For example, will be shown as after the change.
No action is necessary as any uppercase letters in the display URL domains will automatically be changed to lowercase when the ads are served.

Note: the update does not affect ads on the Google Display Network, including text ads, at this time. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Google Team.

Google has been making a lot of updates in the past few months. What are your thoughts on this change?

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