Social Media Marketing Sites – Best Results Infographic

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

A recent Mashable article features a very useful and easy-to-read chart detailing which Social Media sites are best for various results. It rates several prominent sites on four criteria: Customer Communication, Brand exposure, Site Traffic and SEO Value.

I know the folks at PPC For Hire have engaged in this type of analysis before in part or in whole, but this chart condenses the info nicely and offers a very succinct synopsis of the most popular social media channels. If nothing else, you should consider leveraging this across your organization as a reminder to consider the importance of aligning client goals with the appropriate social channels.

Note: There are a few sites that might need to be reassessed IMHO. A few I might comment on: Reddit has been growing since Digg’s decline in December and they might be, at this moment, more effective than Digg and promoting viral content. Not sure if Facebook should have such a low SEO value, yeah the pages themselves are low, but Social Search might make this more important to SEO than the chart would suggest.

What are your thoughts?

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