Yahoo! Rich Ads in Search (RAIS) Will Also Serve on Bing

Search engines are continuing to push the limits when it comes to innovating new ad formats. Starting in mid Q4 ‘09, Yahoo! first implemented Rich Ads in Search (RAIS)  as one of the first programs leading the charge – the came the Search Alliance which put a quick end to RAIS. That is, until now.

We just heard from our Alliance team that RAIS is making a comeback at some point during April and will serve on both Bing and Yahoo. Reach out to your Yahoo rep if you’re interested in the getting in on the beta.

So, how do these video ads work? Initially the video served on RAIS will initially show as a thumbnail until clicked…

Yahoo Rich Ads in Search

Yahoo Rich Ads in Search

The video then opens up and extends the page, essentially pushing down all other competitve listings. Videos can be viewed full screen without leaving the search page & can also be shared with social sites and blogs.

Here are some additional specifics from our rep regarding any differences or nuances between the ads integration across Yahoo and Bing.

Yahoo! Rich Ads in Search Program

Rich Ads in Search on Yahoo! Search & Bing (through adCenter)

Eligible Advertisers

Brand Owners Only

Brand Owners Only

Eligible Terms

Brand Terms Only

Brand Terms Only

Minimum Spend


No Minimum to Participate

Placement on SERP

North Placement on SERP

North Placement on SERP

Site Placement Only &

Rich Assets

Deep Links, Form, Image, Video

Deep Links, Form, Image

UI Integration

Panama – Yes

adCenter – Yes

Desktop Integration

SMD – No

Not Yet Available

API Compatibility


Not Yet Compatible


Geo, Demo, Day

Geo, Demo, Day

Match Type

Standard Only

Exact Match Only

Ad Rotation



Max # of Ads

15 per ad group

Same as text ads


Panama, Saturn, WebTrends






Keyword & Ad Group Level

Keyword Level


Budget Caps

Same as Text Ads



Not Yet Available

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