Yahoo Site Explorer vs. Bing Webmaster Tools

Yahoo Site Explorer vs. Bing Webmaster Tools

Yahoo Site Explorer vs. Bing Webmaster Tools

I was just doing some research around site submission and came across some interesting information about the fate of Yahoo! Site Explorer. There is conflicting information from Yahoo itself stating that you should both continue to use Site Explorer because it isn’t going away and that you should stop using it because it’s being phased out and you should instead use Bing Webmaster Central. Search Engine Land also put out a report that Yahoo and Microsoft are currently debating internally about what should happen to it.

Something that I found interesting in the Search Alliance FAQ, is the fact they state that Bing shares all information submitted to site explorer including:

  • Site and Webpage Submissions
  • Feed Submissions
  • Delete URLs
  • Undo Delete URLs
  • Add Dynamic URLs
  • Undo Dynamic URLs

I’ve recently seen instances of large chunks of URLs showing up in Site Explorer that have been long since removed from the site and redirected properly. Google and Bing did not have these pages listed while Site Explorer was still showing them. This was my first inclination that perhaps the data in Site Explorer was no longer up to date and trustworthy.

Ultimately, unless you have international clients outside of US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, then I would recommend you should switch over to Bing and not worry about creating a new Yahoo Site Explorer account.


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