YouTube Sends Copyright Violators to Copyright School

Well just when you thought it was safe to post that heart-palpitating rendition of “Like a Virgin” by members of Glee, Google (YouTube) says “Not So Fast”. But now, if you’re minding your P’s and Q’s you can get a “Get Out of Jail Free” card with nothing more than a video and a quiz.

Previously, YouTube has posted warnings to users specifying that the use of copyrighted materials – such as movies, music or other copyright works – could lead to termination of their account and possibly monetary damages if the copyright holder decides to sue. Now, should YouTube receive a copyright infringement notification about a particular uploaded video, the alleged infringer will have to complete “YouTube Copyright School,” which requires watching a tutorial video and passing a quiz to prove the user understands the copyright policies.

If the offender proves to be a “good” YouTube user by a solid track record, Google will remove the copyright strikes against the user’s account. Google’s standard policy is to suspend YouTube users who have three copyright strikes.

The tutorial video is less than 5 minutes long and covers all the legal mumbo-jumbo. Google’s intent is to educate users about the online video platform’s copyright rules and heighten awareness about protecting copyrights.

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