2011 Microsoft Advertising AdCenter Upgrade

New and Improved AdCenter Features

With the adCenter May 2011 Upgrade, you’ll find new and improved features to help improve your ROI by making it easier to manage your search and content advertising strategies. The most exciting changes in adCenter include these campaign management improvements:

Simpler Campaign Budget Options

Budgeting in AdCenter has been a problem for a long time! In the daily budget option, you will no longer have to specify both a daily amount and monthly maximum amount. Instead, you will only need to specify a daily amount. The adCenter system will then multiply your daily maximum amount by the number of days remaining in the month to calculate your monthly maximum amount. For now, it will take effect for new daily budget campaigns.

Microsoft AdCenter Quality ScoreQuality Score

Microsoft has finally released an answer to Google’s Quality Score. The adCenter Campaigns tab, along with the keyword performance report , now offers a quality score to help you understand how competitive your ads are in the search marketplace. Your quality score includes three sub scores:

  1. how well your keyword competes against other advertisers bidding on the same keyword
  2. how relevant your ad and landing page are to search queries
  3. whether your site meets adCenter relevance and quality guidelines.

Use your quality score to help track campaign performance. You can find a screenshot below of the new quality score feature.

Microsoft adCenter Quality Score

Microsoft adCenter Quality Score

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