Did Google Confirm 3% of All Adwords Clicks Lead to a Conversion?

Google recently wrote a blog post on remarketing. While that in itself is not so interesting, a sentence at the bottom of the post certainly sparked my interest:

97% of new visitors do not convert the first time they arrive at your site.

Is Google saying that if 97% of new visitors do not convert, that 3% of them do convert? It is also important to note that they mentioned only new visitors in the statement. In the past, Google has mentioned an overall conversion rate of 2% but nothing so blatantly public as this.

Typical conversion rates Brad Geddes uses to establish bidding for new accounts are:

  • Simple email collection: 5-25% (unknown sites 5-10%, established sites 10-20%)
  • Whitepaper download (minimum data required) 10-15%
  • Lead Gen 0.5-5% (again, depending on data required)
  • Ecommerce – very expensive – 0.5% – 1%
  • Ecommerce – inexpensive – 1-2% for less established stores, 2-3% for established

Those estimated numbers are based upon Brad’s experience managing tens of thousands of accounts over the years and offers a great baseline to start with when no other data currently exists. As we all know, some accounts do much better and others much worse – those are just starting places.

What are your thoughts on Google’s claim? Are you seeing similar conversion results?


One Response to “Did Google Confirm 3% of All Adwords Clicks Lead to a Conversion?”
  1. SEOzoid says:

    From my experience, and this only with ecommerce sites the Conversion rate is somewhere between 1 and 2%. And this is only for optimized accounts.
    My guess is Google continues its propaganda trying to get some new folks on its wagon…