Google Instant Preview for Adwords Ads

So, I’m a bit late on ‘breaking’ this news, however, Google recently began rolling out a new search ads enhancement. Google is extending Instant Previews to our search ad results. Instant Previews have already been available for organic Google search results, and now will allow you to also preview search ad results in a thumbnail image.

Instant Previews will be displayed after you click the magnifying glass or background of an ad. After clicking, the preview will display by hovering over each individual ad result. This new user-initiated feature aims to help our users find the exact information they need as quickly as possible while providing our advertisers with the most qualified leads to their sites.

How Will Instant Preview for Ads look?

The following example illustrates how this will look:

Google Instant Preview for Google Adwords Ads

Instant Previews for ads and organic results are a natural evolution of what regular text snippets already do – they give users a sense of the web page.

Some additional things to note about Instant Previews for search ads:

  • Google will only charge if the user clicks through to the advertiser’s site.
  • More importantly, the number of times an ad is previewed will not impact the ranking of search results.
  • Using tracking parameters will not affect Instant Previews
  • Currently not available on Mobile or Tablets
  • You do not need to take action at this time as the change will happen automatically. This global change applies to all advertisers; there is no opt-out.

It seems these Google Preview website best practices will now be applicable to paid search landing pages as well!

Have you seen any impact on your paid search campaign since Google began rolling out this new feature? Let us know in the comments!

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