Details & Resources Around the Google+ Launch

Google+ Launches

Google+ Launches

Last night, you may have heard talk of a mysterious black bar appearing on the top of Or you may have even seen it yourself. No, you weren’t hallucinating. It was a sign of something about to show itself. Something big.

As I am sure you all heard, Google is prepping to launch its own social network, Google+. We received quite a few inquiries about this when the news broke yesterday, and we are definitely keeping our eye on it as details emerge and develope (we are waiting on beta access). In the meantime we did receive these details from a contact at Google:

Details around the Google+ Launch:

The Google+ project is launching in Field Trial in 44 languages. Field Trial includes a limited number of people who will receive an invite to sign up and join the project. Shortly thereafter, these early Google+ users will then be permitted to invite others, and usage will grow.

The +1 button was the first product released as part of the Google+ project. The +1 button helps provide recommendations to friends and contacts on Google search. Now, in addition to +1’ing pages across the web, people can also use +1 to show their support for posts in Google+ (sound ‘like’ a feature on another social network to anyone else?)

Currently advertising opportunities are not being offered on Google+, but Google stated it will continue to look for new ways for businesses to engage users in the project.

Resources to help you learn more about the Google+ Social Network

    1. A Quick Look
    2. Circles
    3. Sparks
    4. Hangouts
    5. Instant Upload
    6. Huddle

    While we all wait for our invite to view this new social network for ourselves, feel free to use the resources above to feast your eyes on what some are calling the Facebook Killer (that remains to be seen).


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