Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Methods For Google Panda

Google Panda Update

Google Panda Update

The Basics of Google Panda

Search Engine Optimization is made significantly more difficult with newly implemented changes in the operational algorithm of the search engine results. Google recently did exactly this in the form of a new algorithm change, code named Google Panda. Previously, they also implemented Google Caffeine in 2010. To understand how to change SEO strategy, the important thing to do is to learn exactly what Google Panda is. Google Panda is an algorithm based solely on reducing the perceived relevancy of “content farms”, or websites that have multiple members creating a network of seemingly disconnected information, resulting in higher amounts of content, such as Ezine Articles and eHow. In essence, Google is attempting to reward writing in a certain niche, writing with quality, and making it easier to become visible from high quality content as opposed to amount of content. Put simply, ‘quality and not quantity’.

How This Affects a Website

For a high quality site, this is essentially a good thing. For a site with writing geared for search engines that is like all the other content, this may prove difficult to bounce back from. Google is intending to reward uniqueness and quality, instead of rewarding for quantity of articles. It no longer matters how much content is on a website, as opposed to how good the content is. Websites that would be considered the ‘same old, same old’ or less valuable will become less visible in search engine results. For a site like eHow, this is not a positive change. However, for the average blogger hoping to make a few Adsense dollars and get a comment or two, this is a fantastic change. The average blogger sitting in his dining room on the laptop slaving over a quality blog post has never had a chance like this before. With Google racking up billions of search results everyday, it is valuable to most websites and blogs to have an equal chance to fight for top positions for highly searched results that used to belong to eHow, Ezine Articles, Hubpages, YouTube and Yahoo Answers.

The Effect Google Panda Has on SEO

Google Panda requires quality in the production of content posted on a website. There are several things to do to take advantage of these new changes:

  • Write or contract out well written articles that are unique, complete, full of important and useful information. If Google is looking for quality, give it to them.
  • Describe everything properly so Google knows it is relevant. Use ‘alt’ descriptions for images, videos, links, and any HTML tags where possible and write descriptively with detail and good information.
  • Be official in the blog itself. Have a quality, well written landing page with properly described images with ‘alt’ tags and captions, use a blog signature, create ‘about us’ pages, and anything else that seems like a quality content booster.
  • Also make sure that the design itself is free of flaws. If your site appears bad, Google will assume it is. A fantastic fix for this is to use a blogging software like WordPress or a decent professionally designed template.

Effective Changes to Make to a Site Lowered by Panda

If Panda hurt your site, there are a few very simple steps that can be taken. These are very important steps for any site to take, albeit time consuming:

  • Rewrite any text that was successfully keyword stuffed to seem more properly written.
  • Write original articles whenever possible and attempt to replace duplicate (even contract) writing with original text.
  • Focus on optimizing text keywords in a smart manner for SEO purposes.
  • Develop quality back links. Quality links have always been important, but now they are more important than ever, simply because quality back links will give a strong impression of a site. This is basically the equivalent of a reputable site vouching for another site.

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    Recently Google Panda update has affected the website ranking system.Though recently Google Panda update has affected the website ranking system. But it is time to start basic SEO avoiding the effect of Google Panda.Strong content, good points, great links – thanks.


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