SEO and iFrames – The Cons of iFrames for SEO

seo-iframeIt is unfortunate, but I still come across the occasional website that is still leveraging iFrames to deliver content – or worse their navigational links. The problems with iFrames for SEOs is simply that any content that lives in the iframe doesn’t actually exist on the page. Essentially, the iFrame is it’s own page which lives separately. As a result, the corresponding iFrame content will not be counted towards the page where it appears.

The Cons of iFrames:

  1. The content in an iframe is not considered part of the parent page.
  2. The page within an iframe may be spidered and indexed (or it may be not) but no PR is definitely passed.

I’m sure there are many more but these two definitely stand out! Have anything to add? Leave your thoughts in the comments and I’ll append to the list.

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