Adwords Editor Version 9.5 Update for Windows and Mac

adwords_editor_logoIf you run an Adwords campaign, hopefully you are already using Google Adwords Editor. Plain and simple it is a massive time saver and allows for large updates such as keyword expansions to be completed much easier with a simple import and upload. For those without Adwords Editor, you can easily download it here: For those currently using this awesome tool, here are some of the more important highlights you’ll find with version 9.5:

Expanded Support for Location Extensions

Finally the address doesn’t have to currently exist within the account in order to create the extension!

  • Create new manual location extensions for any address.
  • Modify address of existing business locations.
  • Download and upload location extensions in both CSV and XML import/export.

Deeper Campaign Setting Support:

  • Enhanced CPC (enabled/disabled) — Applicable to Manual CPC and Budget Optimizer campaigns.
  • Delivery method (standard/accelerated) — Standard delivery is applicable to all campaigns. Accelerated delivery is applicable to all campaigns except Budget Optimizer and Percent CPA campaigns.
  • Ad Rotation (optimize for clicks/optimize for conversions/rotate) — Applicable to all campaigns.

Ability to Test Destination URL Links

You can test your destination URLs when you click the icon located next to the destination URL edit box on all tabs. The destination URL will open in your default browser.

Update First Page Bid Estimates in Bulk

AdWords Editor v9.5 supports the updated first page bid estimates, which take into account additional factors when determining your bid estimate.

There are number of additional updates, however the above I found most useful. To read about all of the updates, you can visit Google’s Adwords Editor Help section. What’s your favorite update?

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