The Five Best Blog Directories for the Novice Blogger

As a newer blogger, your focus is probably simply on developing content and driving traffic to your blog. The content part is simple if you’ve chosen a niche you’re already passionate about, but how do you go about getting traffic? One of the best ways to get more traffic is to submit your blog to blog directories.

These directories are helpful to you in a couple of ways. For one thing, they give you backlinks to your blog, which can boost your search engine ranking. Also, though, some people may actually search for your blog through directories, you’ll get more traffic from simply boosting your own rankings for certain keywords. Once people start seeing your blog, you’ll want to encourage them to share it via social media as that’s the key to success.

If you’re newer to the world of blogging, the key is to leverage your time by putting your effort where you’ll see the most returns. For this reason, it’s best to submit your blog to highly ranked blog directories, which will give you more credibility with the major search engines and, thus, more traffic.

Here are the five best blog directories to submit your newer blog to. These directories will give you some good backlinks and credibility, but they’ll also take your somewhat new blog. Once you are more established, you can move on to the highly selective directories that will give you and even better ranking boost.



This website has a Google page rank of 6, so it’s a great link to get into your blog. The best part is that it’s free to submit your blog. For a newer blog, this is an advantage, because it means you can start building traffic through the Blogged community before you are well-established and quite a mature blog. The site runs featured blogs each day from very highly ranked blog and news sites, and you can also search for posts and blogs to follow through it quite easily.


2. Blog Catalog

This blog directory also features free submission, and it allows you to list your blog by a pretty specific category. You can search for new blogs easily by location, category, or other features, so it’s also a good place to find niche blogs or local bloggers to follow. has a page rank of 5, so, again, it’s going to offer you pretty handy backlinks without any up-front cost.


3. Blog Universe

This is a pretty basic directory; it’s nothing special, but it’s also an easy way to get an inbound link from a site with a page rank of five. Again, you can suggest a link for free, so you get a great link without any monetary investment. It’s not the simplest way to find new blogs to find, so it’s best for using just to get the link back to your blog.


4. Bloggernity

This is a somewhat newer directory that has a page rank of six and is known for a low ad-to-content ratio. It also offers blog hosting if that’s something that you need. It’s easy to navigate, as well, so you can always use this site to look for new blogs to follow in your niche or your field of interests.


5. Bloggapedia

This is a reviewed directory that will accept blogs that have been around consistently for at least three months, so make sure the editors can find your blog’s archives so they know you’ve been around for a while. It does accept commercial blogs, but those that are around just to sell items need to be listed in the shopping category. Perhaps one of the best reasons to submit to Bloggapedia is that it offers a toolbox where you can find other blog directories, affiliates, aggregators, blog search engines, and other valuable tools.

Submitting your blog to these five directories will take next to no time, though it may take some time for your blog to be accepted by them. Once you’ve been blogging consistently for a few months, though, these directories are a great way to boost your incoming traffic by building a better ranking.


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