Marin Software Updates: YouTube Promoted Videos, Placement Bidding and More!

Having been a fan of Marin’s paid search campaign management tools for some time, I thought I’d share some enhancements that were recently rolled out on the platform.

YouTube Promoted Video Ads

YouTube is one of the most popular search engines in the world and Promoted Video Ads make it easy to marketers to reach this growing user base. Clients now have the ability to manage (edit & create) YouTube Promoted Video Ads from inside the app. Full reporting and bid optimization is available for YouTube creatives.

YouTube Promoted Videos

YouTube Promoted Videos

“Use Campaign Settings” for Bing Group Targets

On the groups settings page for Bing groups, there is now the ability to set targets at the campaign or group-level. If set at the campaign-level, the targeting options on the group settings page will be grayed-out. If set at the group-level, the user will be able to select geo, device, and ad scheduling targets for the group. Please note that when one target is set at the group-level, all targets for that group will be copied from the campaign to the group and become group-level targets.

For example, if a user multi-edits devices for a Bing group, the campaign’s geo-target will be copied to the group and the group will now be using group-level targeting. Any subsequent change to the group’s campaign targeting will not affect the group because it is no longer using campaign targeting. This is an important release, as the new functionality fixes an earlier issue where geo-targets were being set to global targeting at the group-level due to changes in device targeting.

Bing Group Targets

Bing Group Targets

Client Tagging (BETA)

Users now have the ability to add tag categories (such as “Line of Business,” “Advertiser”) using the “Add tags” link under the Client settings page. The application will suggest a set of tag categories to use or allow the user to define custom ones. These tags will be visible as columns on the all clients grid, and as roll ups on the executive dashboard. Several bugs from the previous beta have now been fixed.

Client Tagging

Client Tagging

Scatter, Bubble and Pie Charts in PDF Reports (BETA)

Users now have the ability to create PDFs for the new chart types (scatter, bubble, and pie). Note: Pie charts PDFs will not yet display a legend. This functionality will be added in the next iteration. Several bugs in the previous beta have been addressed (including margin issues and charting when drilled into a campaign/group). This is a nice feature that should help save time with reporting and allow for further reporting automation.

Placement Bidding (BETA)

Marin’s automated bidding algorithm now supports bidding on Google’s managed placements. The historical data of managed placements is combined with other content data in the same folder to calculate folder level content conversion rate. If you are interested in bidding on managed placements, you will need to contact your local Marin rep before turning on this beta feature.

What are your thoughts? Any feature requests you are still looking for Marin to roll out?

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