Christmas is Coming, is your SEO getting fat? [Guest Post]

christmas-seoIf you are a business which wants to make the most out of holiday sales it is important to consider how you will optimize your website to bring in the seasonal traffic.  With Christmas just around the corner it is high time you start your campaign to increase your conversions and make the most of people carrying out their searches online.

Learn the Calendar and Use it to Your Advantage

As a small gift company I find that it is vital that we work on our holiday traffic throughout the year.  No matter how annoying you may find seeing Christmas decorations appear in shop windows before October, you need to convert to this way of thinking. The reason for this is because SEO is all about building organic listings rather than the instant push, in return you achieve high ranks in the organic search results which are most valuable to your business.

Be Prepared

Holiday SEO campaigns need to start early, whether it is Christmas, Halloween or Valentine’s Day, be prepared to get well ahead of yourself to see the results in time for the big drive. To help you I have compiled some simple guidelines which should be of some benefit to your website and make sure you are filled with holiday cheer.

  1. Four months prior to the specific event you need to be planning for holiday success. Look over last year’s reports and data.  See when your customers increased their spending and when it slowed down.  Build your goals around this data and work out when you want to be introducing promotions over the next few months.  Work on your website’s holiday specific pages and have them ready to be put into action.
  2. Spread out your holiday promotions for Christmas. If you are targeting the USA then learn the important dates in their calendar such as Cyber Monday and Green Monday.  In the UK focus on the half term, and the last delivery days to make sure people have their gifts in time. Offering free delivery around this period is a great promotion and can help you tap into the frantic last minute market.
  3. Prepare all of your article marketing and blog posts.  Create festive posts which will help to attract the right audience to your site and to help you add links all over the Internet in articles. You can create the content yourself or hire professionals to help you make sure that the content is up to standard and optimized.
  4. With three months left I get focused on creating the best advertising for your website based on the holiday period through Google Adwords.  During this time I invest in keyword research to make sure that my campaign will be as successful as possible.  I set my budgets for the keyword bids and go over the campaign with a fine toothed comb.  I know when I am launching the campaign, how much it will cost me and all systems are go at the end of the month.
  5. The reason for launching your holiday campaigns in advance are simple and not only to do with the length of time SEO takes to kick off. Shoppers are starting their seasonal shopping earlier and earlier each year.  As budgets are tight due to the economic climate sensible shoppers are spreading the costs over a few months rather than spending out in one go. Take advantage of this early spending and be ready for the upcoming holiday.

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