Job Search Advice: Pay-per-click Director Explains his Shift to the Virtual Job Market

ppc-director-x300This PPC (Pay-per-click) Director believes that in order to survive in the new American economy it is necessary to recognize that US has changed from a manufacturing to a virtual economy.

My current title is PPC (pay per click) Director for My job is to organize and lead the paid marketing efforts online of To this end, I am at the head of a 5 person’s team. What this position entails is basically keeping up with the latest changes in paid online marketing strategy and keeping my firm one step ahead of the competition. To keep ahead of the competition, I have to understand concepts such as multi touchpoint attribution and how it directly affects revenue growth, have a definite opinion on pay per click strategy (because it is an art form as much as it is a quantitative discipline), and keep all records which are connected to efforts thereto.

I constantly have to come up with new strategies to market the firm online and I have to keep up with the latest twists and turns of the search engines. To that end I must form relationships with employees at the search engine companies to get as much of the inside information as I can. I am responsible for analyzing all beta sites of the search engine sites as well. All of this might look like a mouthful, and it is! However, my position is definitely a bottom line position. Whatever I do, it had better increase sales. That is the summary of what I do – strategize the paid marketing efforts of the company to increase revenues.

I found this job through a subscription job board which focused on virtual jobs. Though I was searching for this job for about 2 years, I got a job very quickly after focusing my search on what I call the “virtual economy.” The mainstream media would have everyone believe that we are in a real economic crisis, but it is mostly the manufacturing jobs that are getting cut. Those people who adapt to include jobs with online commerce, or the virtual economy, will find work much more quickly, I think, because this is a growing super-industry.

The one most important thing that I learned about the job search process is that I found success when I went where the money and the commerce was flowing. Commerce is definitely flowing to the virtual world, the Internet, the mobile devices. I found out quickly that old industries (manufacturing jobs) were absolutely overbooked. Virtual jobs are not.

There is a shortage of people who can strategize a marketing strategy online. I found that I did much better once I tapped into this international, open, expanding marketplace. What led up to this lesson is the fact that I could not find a job working with my hands. This is the industry that I grew up in, but I found very quickly that I needed to learn the virtual economy, so I read a ton of books and took some extended classes at the local community college.

I found relevant three pieces of advice for a job search:

1. Go where the money is. As I described above, I did much better at finding a job when I went to industries that were expanding. I grew up in manufacturing, but there were simply no jobs there. I was banging my head against the wall until I decided to expand my skill set to include something that someone could actually use. I decided not to get mad that what I knew was not selling, and find out what was selling and learn about that!

2. Get the inside track through friends. With social networks and records of places like my alma mater easily accessible online, I found that I got a lot more interviews when I came in with a recommendation. It is not what you know; it is who you know. This is definitely a law of nature, and something not to be vilified, but to be explored. Everybody knows somebody, so don’t be afraid to call them!

I was too prideful at first to ask for help, until I read a couple of books by Dave Ramsey and some other guys and I found out that the reason that rich people are rich is precisely because they are not scared to ask other rich people for help! People are rich and prosperous not in spite of, but because of, the people that they communicate with!

3. Be perseverant. There is definitely something to be said for not giving up. No matter who or what you know, your particular talents might not be needed at the precise moment when you are ready to give them. However, that does not mean that they are not needed. So while I was waiting, I decided to do some temp work until a full time position came up. What ended up happening was that I got so much experience doing PPC marketing through 3 years of temp work that I created an entirely new opportunity for myself. By the time that the full time job opened up at, I had recommendations from 5 different online businesses and the trust of my temp agency as someone who was always ready to work.

Do you have tips for finding a job in the Internet marketing or “virtual” world? If so leave some thoughts in the comments!


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  1. Jay K says:

    Hey Jon this was very helpful as for my career in PPC Management. I will takes these tips under consideration in the future. Very informative keep it up!!!