Search Engine Marketing: PPC Vs. SEO Is The Wrong Question

ppc-vs-seoIf you are asking yourself whether you should invest in PPC or SEO, you are asking the wrong question. Effective online advertising is not a matter of PPC vs. SEO. Rather, it is about an integrated approach that borrows from one search engine marketing technique to make the most out of the other. What is the point of having a stunning PPC campaign, if people land on a site that is not up to par? If you are improving or building a site, wouldn’t you optimize it for search engines? Of course, you must understand what PPC, SEO, and other search engine marketing strategies can do for you before you decide how to allocate your advertising spend.


PPC is an attractive advertising model because you pay per click. If someone sees your ad and does not click on it, you may have missed out on an opportunity, but you do not pay for it. PPC also delivers fast results, which can be very informative and immensely satisfying. The best PPC campaigns, however, concern themselves not just with motivating someone to click, but providing an optimal experience wherever they land. The flexibility and affordability of PPC ads makes them a worthwhile investment, but if you have not thought beyond the initial click, it is unlikely that click will convert someone into a customer. That is why SEO and website development are important components.


Theoretically, SEO is free. You use the right keywords, you have a nicely designed site, and run an excellent business, so, you should rank high in organic search results, right? Actually, no. You are dealing with an immense volume of traffic, numerous competitors, and each search engine’s secret formula to determine if you are worthy of a high page rank. You can use SEO plugins, make decisions based on guesswork, and hope for the best, but the chances you will have a meteoric rise are slim. Enter a reputable SEO firm, however, and your chances increase tenfold. SEO professionals combine data analysis, research, marketing savvy, and internet expertise to optimize your website, your ads, and your whole web presence. SEO’s major downside is that it is slow. You need patience and time to really see your SEO initiatives pay off. If you really are determined to make this a question of PPC vs. SEO, then the smart money is on SEO. PPC trends change and really are dependent upon a good experience beyond that first click, but an optimized site will serve you well into the future.

Web Development

It makes sense that web development and SEO work in concert. The extent of your web development, however, can vary from simple optimization of existing content to significant expansion through additional content to an entire site redesign. Regardless of the exact magnitude of your web development, SEO should always be a factor. If you are working with a web developer or graphic designer without an SEO background, you may end up with a lovely site that is not search-engine friendly. Having a wonderful website matters only if people can find it.

Social Media

Social media also falls under SEM and can intersect with PPC, SEO, and website development. There are a vast amount of opportunities to promote your business through social media. Some are free, like a Facebook page or a Google Places listing, and others are not, such as Facebook’s ad services.  It is fair to say that social media is a critical component of a company’s web presence these days, and, at some point, you must devote some resources to your social media efforts. That said, it is probably the one search engine marketing technique that you can manage yourself, if need be.


Of course, money is a limited resource, and you will be confined by your budget. You want to ensure that however you spend your advertising dollars, your approach is not lopsided or myopic. Start with a strong foundation and build from there. Your website is your online presence, and all SEM roads should lead back to it. Begin with a well-crafted site, and then invest in PPC and SEO. You will see results, and once you do, you can reallocate accordingly.

When Deciding How To Invest Your Online Advertising Dollars, PPC Vs. SEO Is The Wrong Question. An Integrated Search Engine Marketing Approach Is A Much Better Answer. Article Courtesy of Search Engine Marketing Firm Wpromote

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