Top 4 Reasons to Learn About SEO

I have been in the SEO industry for quite some time now. A little bit after high school (graduate of 2005) a friend of mine and I got into making money online hard – through a numerous amount of ways.

We were young and naive, and let me tell you, we fell for every single get rich quick scheme in the book, including almost signing up for a pyramid scheme called Team ( and yes even this one too – I am especially disappointed about this one). Not only that, but we went from selling Beer Pong Tables, to playing poker online, to designing the coolest mystery auctions there were on the planet for making money on eBay. If it had to do with making money, and making money online, we were in.

Let me tell you a few things I have learned from my youthful days on the Internet.

  • Buying How to make money online programs for the Internet is useless. These people make money by selling you a dream – a dream that can be achieved a lot easier without their help – as you will probably end up wasting a lot of money on broken tactics.
  • There is a lot of SPAM on the Internet. Don’t trust everything you see. If you see the words SEO, make sure the “S” stands for “search” and not “SPAM”
  • It is easy to fall into something that you think is actually good for the Internet, and a good way to make money, but be careful. The choices you make can leave you going down a long road that you will not want to be on forever.

That all being said, SEO is a very fun practice (as long as you are participating in white hat methods). Here are some of the top reasons you should learn about SEO:

Number 1: Be a Part of an Underground Group

I often think about SEO as being search engine hacking (finding your way to the top of the SERPs through link building, or hiring a company for a link building service). Just as in the “Hacker World,” in the SEO world there is black hat, grey hat, and white hat ways of operating in the world. “White Hat Hackers” are extremely important in the world, as they help to test security systems and even help to create them (think about Leonardo Dicaprio’s role in Catch me if you can – a self-made con artist that forged checking accounts until he was a millionaire that ended up working for the FBI to catch people of the like).

“White Hat” SEO’s are also extremely important – a much needed commodity in today’s world and probably will be a “household service” within the next 5 years. CNN, for example saw dramatic increases in their traffic by making their site load a lot faster – this is because site speed is an important factor in SEO, but how would you know that without taking the time to learn?

Following the giants behind us is very important. Many people have learned many different things when trying to get their web sites to rank at the top of the SERPs, you just have to make sure that you learn from them.

Number 2: Be Part of a Trending Business

Not only is SEO trending hard right now (where else would a business want to put their ads) but it is becoming one of the more respected businesses out there. People are learning about search engines more and more every day. It isn’t just one of those things for nerds anymore. It is legit, and it is here to stay.

Number 3: The SEO world is Very Analytical

Are you a mixture of different things? Are you somebody that has a tremendous amount of skills in all areas of life, yet you cannot pin point your exact strengths? Let me give you some examples:

  • Are you good at math when you apply but can’t stand it?
  • Do you love figuring out problems on your own?
  • Are you motivated by gaining knowledge that few others have?
  • Do you like to challenge authority (Google)? – It happens here and there (good time to call this up
  • Can you sit at your computer on a Friday night and feel as though you are not missing out?
  • Can you dive into HTML/CSS and other light weight programming languages when you need to and figure problems out?
  • Do you like being in control?

The SEO world allows for innovation, creative thinking, and executing plans that you devised on your own. If you answered yes to a few of these questions there is a good chance that you would absolutely love SEO!

Number 4: SEO is Fun!

Whether you are providing SEO services, or simply taking part in
Do-It-Yourself SEO, there is nothing more fun (albeit I am pretty biased) in sitting down and taking the time out of your day to make sure that you have done your research.

It all starts with the keyword research, and when you are able to sit down and get the chance to crank out ideas, put them down on paper, determine how everything is going to work out down the line (by factoring in all sorts of different SEO strategies), it becomes fun to see how many different things that come to play when it comes to search engines. There is a whole other world out there! You just need to find it!

This article was written by Philip Russell of This is an Internet marketing company that provides a white label link building service. Philip is an aspiring computer programmer by day.

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