SEO Jobs, Roles and Titles Around the States

SEO Jobs

SEO Jobs

SEO is a hot field. There really isn’t a school for it. You either know your stuff, or you don’t. When an SEO Company is looking to hire on another member to their team, they have a number of jobs that need to be done. While there are plenty of odd jobs, and specialty workers in the SEO industry, there are the generic ones that everyone is familiar with. If you are applying to an SEO company odds are you are a link builder, Web/SEO copywriter, SEO Analyst, Content/Keyword Strategist, SEO Manager, or an SEO/ Search Marketing Director. There are a lot of different responsibilities when it comes to each job, but in a way they all coincide with each other to yield the same results. However, job duties, and pay scale can vary drastically depending on the level of skill and the job in which one is doing.

Link Builder

The link builder is considered to be one of the most painstaking, yet necessary jobs in SEO. The average link builder earns around 36k a year. However a great link builder can provide so much value to a company that they can become indispensable, and their salary will raise. Link builders also seem to have a large amount of knowledge based on the amount of work and effort that goes into each day. Link builders, are in a sense learners. Many SEO professionals start off as link builders.

Web/SEO Copywriter

Copywriters can come in many different forms, and they are often the more creative bunch. While almost anyone can supply content, great copywriters can provide 4 to 5 star content, in bulk on a daily basis. However everyone is looking for something different, typically copywriters make the same amount of money as Link Builder would, but there are more copywriters to go around.

SEO Analyst/Specialist

An SEO specialist does all SEO Services. They understand the importance of link building, copywriting, and know exactly how they need to be done in order to have the best SEO. The have a great understanding of the best SEO practices, and do their best to keep up with all of the white hat tactics. The average salary for an SEO Specialist is around 56k.

Content/ Keyword Strategist

These are the true SEO forecasters. They understand trends, and what strategies will work best for every client an SEO Company takes on. Without a proper strategy in place all other jobs become grunt work with nothing to show for. Typically this position renders a salary from the mid 60’s to low 70’s.

SEO Manager

An SEO manager is responsible for multiple campaigns, teams, and reports directly to the executive level. An SEO manager, like other SEO’s, has to have strict attention to detail. Day to day they must be ready to accomplish a long list of goals, and must be responsible for success at the end of week. SEO managers usually start somewhere around the range of 70k, but based on how much you are able to handle and how much you can take on will dramatically decide your pay level.

SEO Director

These are the big dogs. There earnings are usually around 90k or more, and they make the decisions that affect many different companies. They know it all, and are often the guys who have worked at every level of SEO, perhaps starting off as a do-it-yourselfer. SEO directors have to be strong minded, and have the ability to consistently point the company in the right direction for the good of their company as well as clients.

SEO jobs are in abundance across the states. One thing is for certain. You cannot fake your way through SEO. Just a few minutes talking of watching SEO’s talk strategy will show you who really knows their stuff. As long as search engines are around, there will be SEO’s to provide an amazing service. A career in SEO can be tough, but you can learn a lot and at the end of the day it is very rewarding.

This article was written by Ben Anderson. Ben works to give companies, as well as clients the best knowledge about various SEO tactics and Monthly Services


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  1. Jay K says:

    Hey Jon this is pretty good informative stuff. I am a newbee to the online industry and how come you didn’t mention anything about a ppc specialist?? I was wondering if you had any insight for me on a career in pay perclick

  2. jonclark says:

    @Jay this post was focused on SEO job roles – thus, paid search roles were left out. You may this article helpful as you consider a career in paid search:

  3. Jay K says:

    @Jon thanks for the link I will definitely checkout. I appreciate the insight. Happy Holidays!!!

  4. Dom Elevate says:

    Interesting post Jon. What about in-house SEO managers in the States? Here, they’re a bit more common but tend to convert to online marketing managers over time, and salary is based more-or-less on the size of the company.