What Makes a Good Landing Page?

Okay, so landing pages are the new wonder tactic for those running pay per click campaigns (Adwords in other words) via Google. The weighting of the landing page has now a little more importance and shaves a tad off the influence scored by the click through rate (CTR).

What Makes a Good Landing Page?

But just what makes a good landing page? And for marketeers looking to squeeze the last ounce of cash, why should they ensure that their PPC agency creates the pages that please the users?

The buzzword in today’s digital marketing environment is relevance. Google is using its muscle to ensure that the internet is a vital tool in society, rather than a speculative waste of time. It’s the search for credibility that drives the likes of Google. They cannot afford for the internet to stall due to con artists, time wasters and snake oil salesmen.

They need to feel that a person, who types in a request into their search engine, is delivered to exactly the right place, in nano seconds.

And that place is increasingly the landing page. And a website must have a number of landing pages in order to provide maximum relevancy.

So let’s say a sweet manufacturer has brought out a fantastic new type of candy. They have hundreds of product lines already and a website Home Page which happily bangs on about their huge ranges, the history of the firm and how it supports cat charities.

But when they advertise this new sweet on the website, they are savvy enough to know that if a person clicks an ad, they want to get the information quickly. In other words, they don’t want to read about the cat charities first and then wade through the blurb in order to find the sweet they asked about in the first place. You don’t go into a branch of WH Smiths for a newspaper and have to hear what the managing director has to say before you buy your copy of The Sun.

Landing Page Best Practices


A landing page has to be precise and succinct. It has to match the product the person clicked on. It has to lead with a strong image of the product, an equally strong headline and some text which gives the raw, relevant information. It should be ‘light’ and have strong calls to action. The page should also include clear links to further reading, so that if you want to read more about the cat charities, you can.

So don’t delay, get your pay per click agency to build properly planned and conceived landing pages. They will pay dividends in many ways.

Attribute to: Neil Martin, Cayenne Red.
Neil Martin, as a social media marketing consultant at PPC Agency Cayenne Red, has been a regular contributor to the digital media on online market activities companies should undertake in this digital times.


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