The Pros & Cons of Social Media Klout Score

Klout is a company that measures a person’s influence on their social networking sites – such as Facebook. It has several tempting pros but scary cons.


Pro: Determine Your Social Media Reach

Klout can be used to determine your social media reach. It’s a great tool for people who network or need influence on the Internet. Influencing sounds like a bad thing, but it’s basically how many people act upon a status update or tweet of yours.

Pro: Getting Perks

Another pro of using Klout is getting special perks based on your score. Someone who has a very high Klout score can get free products like laptops and airline tickets. Companies provide these freebies because of how influential a person is; if that person blogs or tweets about the product, someone else (or ten someone elses) might go out and buy that same product.

Con: It’s Pointless for Some

For the average person, knowing your Klout score is pointless. There’s nothing to gain. Even if you cherish bragging rights, most peoples’ Klout score isn’t very good. For example, someone who has no interest in the Internet or a job probably has no reason to look at his or her Klout score.

Likewise, knowing your Klout score won’t magically make it go up. If you’re trying to increase your presence on the Internet, keep trying. A Klout score will just confirm that yes, your efforts are probably working.

Con: It’s not Accurate

Unfortunately, Klout can’t tell you how many people donated to charity because you tweeted that giving is good. By finding out how many people act upon a message, Klout means that each Facebook response or retweet will count positively towards your score.

…so what’s the downside?

Well, a lot of people pass on a message but do nothing about it. You’ve probably affected at least one person if one hundred passed on the message, however.

Con: It’s a Privacy Concern

According to Canada’s Marketing Magainze, “Hotels in Las Vegas.. use Klout in their reservation systems. When a guest checks in, the reservation system uses Klout to determine how influential the guest is.” Most people have no idea that hotels are looking at how popular they are on the Internet.

Besides the privacy concern… what about equality? Klout provides this service to hotels so they can treat people with a higher score better. So basically, people who have a low score are offered sub-standard service.

What are your thoughts on Klout Score? Do you monitor your score on a regular basis?

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