The Masculine Line in Google Algorithm Update Names [Infographic]

Dominic, Austin, Fritz, Gilligan, Jagger, Vince – those guys changed everything. The naughtiest one is Dominic, who comes in between two chicks – Cassandra (April 2003) and Esmeralda (June 2003). No, I’m not talking about my buddies who have beer with me every day those are the names of some of the most significant Google’s algorithm changes. Still the most important thing about Dominic is that he brought to Google’s family the bots “Deepcrawler”and “Freshbot”. Fritz put the end of the so called “Google Dances”. In 2005 came the little brother of Fritz – Gilligan, to improve furthermore the daily updates of index data.

As you can see the masculine line in Google’s algorithm changes is very strong, especially if you take into consideration updates like Bourbon, Brandy or the 12-pack one… For further information regarding all the guys that you can meet reading about Google updates see the following infographic.

Google Algorithm Changes Infographic

Google Algorithm Changes Infographic



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