3 Crucial Mistakes That Are Often Overlooked in Many PPC Campaigns

3 reasons why over-eager PPC campaigns are not wise


If you’re reading this article, you already know that a decent Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign has its benefits for businesses. Firstly, it gets your brand, products, and services in front of your target audience in the search engines, and secondly, it represents a whole new revenue stream for businesses that can be very lucrative, and many entrepreneurs have made a fortune out of successful PPC web campaigns.

However, creating a successful PPC campaign takes effort and patience—two things many business owners don’t have! In the arena of paid search we’ve had several businesses contact us for help and direction with their Adwords campaign. Most, wanted to see an immediate payback and we had to explain to them that Pay Per Click advertising, like any other aspect of their business, requires attention to detail, a planned and implemented strategy, and strict management at every step of the process—otherwise too many mistakes are made and your efforts are wasted.

Over-zealous expectations on the part of the business owner about making a quick buck can do more financial damage than good. For instance, here are three very common mistakes that are overlooked in PPC campaigns…

1. Jumping in without doing any research

You wouldn’t launch a new product line without doing your homework would you? Then why would you dream of launching a PPC campaign without doing any research—as far as customer needs, what your competitors are doing, shopping habits, and internet search habits—first? The research you do prior to launching your PPC campaign will help create a solid strategy before implementation. On the other hand, jumping into a PPC campaign without doing any research first can mean a fortune lost.

2. Thinking like a business owner and not a customer

Because your PPC campaign will depend on keywords—the keywords your customers use to find you online—you should be using those that are relevant to them, not necessarily to you (as a business owner or someone entrenched in the business side of things). Just think, if you were the marketer of a medical product—let’s use Aspirin as an example—you would use the medical term acetylsalicylic acid to explain your product. However, if you were Joe Blow looking for a product to cure your headache, you wouldn’t likely type acetylsalicylic acid into the Google search bar would you? No you’d type in the generic term: Aspirin. Business owners in any industry should keep this in mind as the specific keywords you choose will be the soul of any PPC campaign—using the wrong keywords (those customers don’t use to search) will botch your entire process. To help discover the keywords that your target market uses to find your business and products online, use an analytics tool (many are free) to search the keywords that are most popular with your audience. These are the ones you should use in your PPC campaign.

3. Launching your PPC campaign and then letting it ride

For some reason many business owners believe that once you launch any website, blog, social networking campaign, or PPC campaign, you’ve done your duty and can sit back and watch the clicks, visitors, or money roll in. That’s not the case, like any other business initiative, your PPC campaign requires upkeep. So keep yourself involved in the management of your PPC campaign as much as possible or hire someone to do it for you. Search engine algorithms and internet behaviors change regularly—and drastically—so keeping your finger on the button with regular research and keyword tweaking will bring you success.

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Caeden M MacGregor is a staff writer for Prestige Marketing, a company that focuses on internet marketing in Vancouver. Caeden has written for numerous blogs on a variety of topics ranging from guest blogging to landing page optimization.


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