Bing Redesign Provides “De-Cluttered” Search Results

Bing is rolling out a new look (which went live for most people on May 2nd). The change to the SERP is based on experimentation results from internal flights over the past few months. According to Bing, the experiments proved unnecessary distractions should be removed in order to make the page easier to scan and ultimately provide a more predictable and useful experience.

Bing Today

Bing's New Layout

Bing's New Layout

Bing’s Old Layout

Bing's Old Layout

Bing's Old Layout

Most notable changes include:

  • A cleaner header
  • A relocation of the “related searches” to remove the left rail completely
  • Increasing the space between lines for readability on touch devices
  • Note, no predicted impact to paid results

Bing mentions they are likely to continue to test improvements to the search results as well as the layout so more updates are likely to come in the near future.

Here’s the official release: Bing’s new look

What are your thoughts on the new change?

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