Google+ vs Facebook vs Twitter – What’s Best for SEO? [Infographic]

Much ado has been made about promoting small business websites with social networks. But how effective are these activities and which social networks are the most potent? That’s what we set out to understand with this test. We built 6 websites from scratch, each based in a US city and all within the home services niche. We promoted each one with a specific social media activity and measured the change in Google ranking.

The social media promotional activities used were:

  • adding 100 followers to a Google+ page that links to the main site
  • securing 300 +1 votes on Google
  • getting 70 Facebook Shares and 50 Likes
  • Tweeting and Retweeting a site 50 times
  • adding 1000 Twitter followers to a linked Twitter account

Each of those techniques was applied to only one of the sites, and the sixth site was left alone to serve as a control.

The results are intriguing. The sites promoted with the Google social media activity saw the biggest ranking increase by far, with the Google+ promotion resulting in a 14.63 position jump. The other social media promotion efforts yielded smaller increases in rankings, except the 1000 Twitter followers which had a very small negative impact on rankings, and the control that saw no significant change. The takeaway is that Google clearly views the Google+ network as more valuable in determining search rankings.

Testing Social Signals Infographic

Testing Social Signals Infographic

The original study underlying this social medial infographic was conducted by digital design and Austin Search Engine Optimization company TastyPlacement.


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