Where Does Google Get Its Money? [infographic]

Google is one of many multi-billion dollar companies that is widely recognized in any country that has some access to the internet. While the corporate giant may own several subsidiaries, it is the technology giant’s search engine feature that still brings in most of its customers. It is also this search feature that is Google’s pride and joy.

It therefore makes sense that the internet Goliath produces several billion dollars in revenue each year, has a customer outreach that numbers near in the billions and consumes a staggering quantity of electricity. The problem is that many individuals aren’t aware that Google makes most of their revenue through ads and not through the products and services that they offer directly to consumers and businesses.

The majority of those billions of dollars in revenue that Google earns each year comes directly from advertisers trying to reach Google user base, the very same one that tries to use the world’s largest search information to try and find an answer to their problem.


From: http://www.businessmba.org

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