3 SEO Tips for Beginners

seo-tipsIn order for an online merchant to make sales, it must first get customers. On the Internet, a customer reaches your website in several different ways. For popular merchants, the customers often just connect directly using the merchant’s URL. Another common method is for the customer to enter search terms into search engines like Google for particular products or services. These search engines rank results using proprietary methods However, you can optimize your merchant site or blog for search engines bv keeping a few basic SEO tips in mind.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance and quality play important roles in SEO. No matter your website type, you should keep it updated on a regular basis. For a blog-style site, this means posting updates at least two or three times per week. If you allow your site to become dormant, Google and other engines will realize this and your site will quickly fall from the rankings. However, Google does like sites that have existed for a long time. If you can hang onto your domain and keep it updated regularly, then you will slowly rise through the rankings. You must post relevant, quality content to best increase your ranking. If a search engine crawls your site (crawling means visiting your site, its pages, and its links) and finds very little or duplicated content, your site ranking suffers. Search engines like Google want the best possible site to get the top rankings, so they design their crawlers to look for things like continual and relevant updates.


Getting quality backlinks to your site also helps to increase your ranking. One of the manners through which Google determines your ranking is by first determining how popular your site is. One of the measures of how popular your site is counts how many other sites link to yours. You can get these backlinks in many different ways. The simplest and cheapest is to visit other blogs and forums that are relevant to your site and leaving comments and posts with a link to the relevant page on your site. If you want so many backlinks that you simply cannot do all the comments and posting yourself, there are many services available that will do so for you. If you do choose to spend money on backlinking, remember that not all of these services will do quality posts and will instead spam. Spamming often results in deleted comments and posts, meaning no backlinks for you. Google and other search engines have grown wise to this method of obtaining backlinks, and they now actively reduce the ranking of sites that have received more backlinks than the search engines believe are reasonable.

Social Bookmarking

In this age of Facebook and Twitter, many merchants find social bookmarking to be an invaluable method to attract new customers. Social bookmarking is similar to backlinking, and can be thought of as backlinking through various social media. The most popular media on which to bookmark are Facebook and Twitter. You can use your own Facebook and Twitter profiles to advertise your site or blog to your entire friends networks. There are other ways to talk about your site other than simple status updates. Try adding a Facebook like or Twitter tweet widget to your product or article pages The more people who like or tweet your page, the larger the potential audience for your site. Encourage your friends and family to comment on your updates so that their friends see your updates as well.


SEO can get incredibly complicated, with marketers attempting to game the system to attain the highest search ranking. However, at its most basic level, SEO is just about optimizing your site to be the most convenient result for your potential customers. Start out small, using the tips outlined above. Once you have already built a user base move onto the more complex SEO methods.

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5 Responses to “3 SEO Tips for Beginners”
  1. jardine jones says:

    Well, thanks for this basic seo tips. But I’ve read a lot of information about the latest Google Penguin update that Google are getting so strict now..

  2. Marketing Magazine says:

    Good post and very useful for learners. It’s quite important to establish rellationships and then, getting quality links.

  3. Thanks for the solid advice about SEO for beginners, I agree with should maximize our back links for better results. However, it is also useful and effective if we always write quality content.

    Keep up the good work, you’re an awesome blogger.

  4. Seo Toronto says:

    Facebook and twitter is a good way to get traffic but you can’t get back-link by using Facebook and twitter. You can use social bookmarking to get visitors and back links but don’t just put your keyword over there, try to make natural links.


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