6 Ideas For Link Building on a Budget

Having less money for your link building campaign shouldn’t discourage you: in fact, a $100 budget just means you need to get more creative, and the quality of the links you build doesn’t have to suffer because of lack of funds. In this article you can find 6 awesome ideas that are relatively easy to carry out and will get you direct links to any kind of website you have.

#1 Give reviews and testimonials

That’s right, give, not get. Whatever your website might be about, there are products, apps, tools within your niche that you are probably using (if you aren’t using any yet, then look for the free ones and get to know them). Make a nice review on your website, email the owner of the product and let them know that you really enjoyed it, so much that you wrote a review which they can use as a testimonial if they’d like to. Many product owners will be happy to have some real life testimonials that they can link to from their product pages. A word of caution: if you don’t want this strategy to come back and bite you, make sure that you’re only recommending things that you truly believe are great.

#2 Guest posting

This works great in both ways:

a) You posting on other people’s blogs will usually allow one link back to your site within the article body, or at least one in your author’s bio. Find a number of sites within your niche which have articles with some ideas you could expand, and offer the webmasters to publish your post on the subject. Or you can simply search for the websites that accept guest posts from other bloggers by using searches like: ”keyword” guest writer, “keyword” submit article, “keyword” add blog post etc, or through services such as My Blog Guest that put you in contact with the websites that accept guest posts.

b) Other people guest posting on your website – besides from free quality content, you can be sure that any blogger will promote the content that links back to them  (just make sure you let them know that you’d rather they didn’t “promote” it with some suspicious methods which could send spammy signals to the search engines about your website)

#3 Make the Best of list

Make the list of top blog posts about certain subject, and ask the community to participate in its creation. Come up with a reward for the best post that will incentivize the websites to participate. Sites may nominate themselves, which is a sure way that they will link to the list, and if you manage to make the list a really great resource, you may even take it a step further and turn the complete list into an authority linkbait.

#4 Give the story to someone who needs it

Heard of Help a Reporter Out website?  Reporters often have hard time finding qualified sources for their stories, and this is one of the places they go to when they look for them. The stories can appear in New York Times or in local newspapers – but online as well, linking back to your site. So sign in and become a source. You’ll start to get daily emails with queries from journalists, and choose the ones you want to respond to. – This one you can do for free, or you can opt for paid membership.

#5 Answer people’s questions

Yahoo Answers, Quora, Ask Me, All Experts – there is a ton of places where you can become an expert and offer free advice to people asking questions in your area of expertise. Besides the feeling that you’re helping people, you will also get a link.

#6 Coin a term

This simple tactic requires you to do some serious community contribution in order to spread the word. First, coin a new term to describe a trend or a phenomenon you’ve noticed, then make a post on your website about it. Use the term in your guest posts and comments on blogs and forums, set up Google Alerts for that term and when anyone mentions it, you can reach to them and ask to include the link to your post in which the term is fully described. Bonus benefit: your website will rank number one for that term.

There are a lot of things you can do for free, and all it takes is a bit of creativity combined with some effort. Brainstorm about it for an hour, and you will be amazed by what you can come up with all by yourself. Do you have some ideas you’d like to share?

Jeff Gross writes for nPromote, a SEO Company in NYC. He writes on different topics including SEO, blogging, internet and PPC.


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