20 Reasons to Switch to Google+

They say Google+ is a ghost town. Do you believe it yourself?

When Google’s “new” social platform was announced, it seemed that people couldn’t wait to try it out. At the forefront were those who were sick and tired of Facebook. Privacy settings, circles, insightful exchanges – these were only some of the points hyped about Google+.

Some months down the road, some people were suddenly changing their tune. Google+ became boring. Google+ was dying.

But what is the state of Google+ really? This infographic gives 20 good reasons to switch (or continue using) Google+. If you think you have no reason to do so, maybe you should check this out. You just might not be using the platform to your advantage!

Here are some interesting points:

  1. Circles are awesome. Yes, it’s an old point, but they really work if you use them wisely.
  2. Google+ mobile app. It’s just much better than the Facebook app – no matter whether you’re on iOS or Android.
  3. Better search. This one is a no brainer. It’s built by THE search engine.
  4. Better for business. If your working on establishing a strong online presence for your business, you simply cannot ignore Google+.
  5. Photos. This might just be the best thing about the platform, integration and all.

Take a look at the entire infographic, with added trivia.


Marissa Tannen is a social networking enthusiast, and she believes in the power of this medium for all sorts of purposes. She is also a fan of good infographic design, which she dreams of being able to engage in in the near future.

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