Running A/B testing for Online Business Solutions

Today, business administrators are keener on improving business solutions to make their products more marketable. To be able to do this, there is more to just creating solutions and that’s finding the cause before creating solutions. A/B testing can definitely help you find this basis.


Basic and swift way to do it

When it comes to business, long term solutions are most acceptable this why it is very important to realize the cause of business downtime thus knowing exactly the stage you want to do the test. The scope of A/B testing can range from item reputation to store performance as compared to other outlets. A lot more aspect of the business can be tackled by this type of testing. After determining the part on which you need to perform the test, you must plan to make sure the reliability and consistency of test calculations. There are different modules and series of testing that you can choose from, make sure you get the one that give you precise results.

A/B testing comes in many forms that are considered to be very easy to use, one of these is the Visual Website Optimizer that is known to provide series of qualities that is perfect for this type of testing. HTML’s hard code programming and JavaScript’s application software are also considered excellent if you excel on these types of coded structure. The choices when it comes to the tools needed on A/B testing are not limited HTML and Java but you also have the choice of Test &Target by Omniture too. This type of testing requires the same setup regardless of what tool you use, a feature that is increases its easy structuring.

There are several ways in which you can prepare for this type of test

Component Substitution

Now you know that you have to have a page primarily to start the test and to establish several unique attributes. These attributes will be the determining factor on test results as well as visible content before they can be presented to new users. This act alone enables you to see and review the visual aspect that will best fit you website compared to other websites that needs temporary page to get the testing working.

Forwarding to a dummy page

When testing, once you decide on taking on the whole page, you will need to provide a separate  page containing a different attribute, this dedicated website will be the automatic landing page for new users. This attribute can be taken simply as this example. Let’s say your original website is, you can provide a separate one that can be labeled You can now start setting up the redirection of users to the temporary page, the purpose of this is for you to be able to make several samples for a standalone site and observe the sites drive and appearance.

Preparing the test:

  1. First, you need to act on how many pages you want to be tested.
  2. Know the different categories in which you think the test should be performed.
  3. To be able to create a quicker and well – organized test, consider including card marks on your priority page.
  4. Don’t forget to enter the address of the website on the spot where testing tools are located before you proceed to the testing.
  5. To be able to get the best results, allow all pages to be tested at the same time, this includes the original and temporary pages.
  6. After testing, you can immediately check the outcome of the tests that you will use for your future examinations.

The amount of users that visited your site plays a great role in giving guarantee of a reliable analysis outcome, an important aspect in the development of the visual aspect of your website.

When performing A/B testing, consider the following:

Do not limit the testing time -By allowing enough time for the test to perform, you will be able to get enough visitors that is paramount in determination of end result. Glitches may occur on the first part of the test, when this happens continue with the test until a considerable percentage of all the pages is tested then you can consider the test valid and accurate.

When trying the test for the first time, make sure that you do this with new users and be very constant with the visual part of your testing to skip problems and confusion.

Be very stable -Avoid inconsistency on the contents of your site, this will enable you to acquire best results when it comes to testing.

Ruben Corbo is a freelance writer that writes about technology, gaming, music, and online marketing especially topics about A/B split testing and how to run multivariate tests. You can read more information on Maxymiser’s AB Testing guide for a better understanding on how it works. Ruben is also an avid gamer and music composer for short films and other visual arts.


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