5 Tips to Engage Customers on Your Facebook Page

Over the last few years Facebook has become one of the most effective marketing tools making it almost compulsory for any company to establish a well-designed and engaging Facebook page.

Despite their recent “damp squib” stock market flotation most marketing managers remain convinced that after some minor tweaking Facebook will take up its natural role as the internet’s ultimate marketing tool, as their massive site traffic clearly indicates.

That’s why establishing an effective Facebook presence should be top of the list for any company. Here are our top five tips to engage customers, active or potential.


1) Invite interaction by asking questions.

Throughout history any form of successful marketing has always been based around establishing a dialogue between the client and the trading entity. For that reason Facebook pages should never be totally static, there must be at least one call to action on it- but not too many. Helping Facebook visitors establish some form of relationship is a sure fire way to boost sales.

2 )Make your Facebook page one of the first places web surfers will want to come back to when they log in.

Always make sure that you have something new on it by updating content. If you can establish a chat page or a forum on your particular online niche will be guaranteed to increase site traffic for you. Traffic that has a very fair chance of being converted into sales.

3) Keep you Facebook page colourful and interesting by using photographs and graphic images.

Blocks of test tend to scare visitors away, but a splash of color will go a long way in capturing their attention and getting them to read more about your company and their products and services. Just make sure that you keep your image levels to the minimum so as not to detract from your principal mission- to convert traffic to sales.

4) Don’t take the fact that you have a Facebook page lightly.

Most of the site visitors are teenagers or young adults. You have to point your copy on your page to this audience, otherwise you will fail to amuse them and compel them. If you are not capable of creating copy to suit this particular audience, find a good copywriter that can. It will more than justify your investment,

5) Never be afraid to ask visitors to your page for a “like”.

Likes are the greatest hotline to marketing success on Facebook that you can ask for. The genius behind Facebook is its incredible ability to network. These “likes” will bring more traffic to your Facebook page than you can ever imagine, and the number is unlimited.

Statistics now show that the average user has 130 friends, and each of these 130 friends will have at least 100 unique friends. Tapping even a percentage of that market will bring in tremendous rewards.

Tim has been helping business increase their brand exposure online and offline. Tim specialises in branded products including promotional stress balls but has also a strong interest in social media and especially Facebook. Over the last 4 years, he has contributed numerous articles on the topic.

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