6 Tips to Lower Your PPC Costs

PPC Adwords costs can soar to high levels quickly if precautions are not taken. Since every company needs exposure through marketing campaigns, the best strategy is to find ways to lower PPC Adwords cost. Lowering costs provides the necessary exposure but at a fraction of the cost. Here are a few tips to lower PPC Adwords cost:


1. Lower Keyword Bids

If a keyword is converting at a high rate of two times your goal or more, consider lowering the bid. This will save money and still accomplish the goal in mind. The best strategy is to lower keyword bids that are costing money but are not resulting in conversions.

Ads may be ranked in high positions but may ineffective. Instead of reducing the bid on an ad that is converting at a high rate, the best strategy would be to lower bids on underperforming ads. This strategy is a better use of a marketing budget. Some ads will still perform even if the ads are not in a number one spot.

2. Negative Keywords May Help

Negative keywords can enhance a campaign and are often cheaper than other keyword counterparts. Annually, a negative key word review should be conducted to refine your campaign and avoid advertising to groups that would not be interested in your product. For instance, if your company only sells new computers, a negative keyword of refurbished should be added to your campaign. Otherwise, your company will waste advertising dollars.

3. Optimize Your Campaigns for the Target Audience

If your customers are only in the United States, do not set up your campaign for other countries. Focus and refine your campaign for your target market. This will save money. Furthermore, if your product or service is international, each marketing campaign should be set up separately.

4. Focus on Only Google Search

By focusing only on Google Search and not Google search partners, this will save companies money. Companies who refine their campaigns for Google Search will become more profitable. Later, if data suggests that Google search partners yield high conversion rates, high volume traffic and low cost per conversion Google search partners can be added. Only add Google search partners if there is sufficient evidence to prove that the partners will increase profitability.

5. Determine When Your Campaign is Most Effective

If your campaign runs around the clock, but most of your potential customers are online between 7 A.M. and midnight, why not limit your campaign to only these times? By eliminating the midnight to 7 A.M. time slot, there are seven hours that your company will reduce the number of clicks that typically will not lead to conversions. This saves your company money. The best way to know when your campaign is most effective is to run tests and gather data.

6. Review Performance by Device

Determine conversion rates based on the device. Some devices may convert more sales than others. For instance, your campaigns may be effective for laptops and iPads but ineffective for smartphones. If your smartphone ads are not leading to conversions, eliminate this campaign until the landing pages are optimized and profitable.

Lower PPC Adwords Costs and Become More Profitable

White Chalk Road, Perth PPC expert have helped many companies develop effective PPC Adwords campaigns to increase profitability by lowering costs. This process is ideal. Many companies do not recognize the power of prioritization. When this simple strategy is understood, companies can save money and eliminate wasteful campaigns. Run tests, gather data and analyze the results to determine how your company can save money. To find out how White Chalk Road can help, click here.

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