Print Media For Your Start-Up: Why You Should Be Doing It

Every new business start-up is faced with the challenge of marketing its products – that is, ensuring that potential customers know of their existence, and that they buy your products rather than those of your competitors. This means that a marketing strategy is essential. However, as a start-up, you are likely to have limited funds available, so you need to find the marketing methods that are most cost-effective. Despite the massive growth of TV, digital and Internet marketing, companies consistently find that print media methods are still as powerful now as they have been in the past.


What Is Print Media Marketing?

Print media marketing includes traditional methods such as newspaper and magazine advertising, directories including Yellow Pages, and in particular direct mail marketing, using the US and UK mail service and other delivery methods. Although the Internet is assumed to be the medium of choice for modern marketing, experience shows that print methods have many advantages. Print is durable and portable – it can be handled, and it remains in the reader’s hand long after the TV or online ad has disappeared.

Newspaper Advertising

Among print media marketing methods, newspaper and magazine advertising still hold a prominent position. Companies are always conscious of the bottom line, so if these ads did not produce results, they would not be placed. Ads in newspapers still reach a lot of people, but for a small business, an ad in the local press is probably most effective. In fact, many people buy the local paper purely for the advertisements. If you can afford an advertising feature about your business in editorial style (advertorial), this can be particularly effective.

Magazine Advertising

Magazine advertising is more expensive, but has some advantages compared to newspaper ads. Magazines are more attractively produced and presented, and are usually kept around the house for longer. In addition, most magazines are targeted at a particular group of readers, so it makes sense to place your ad in a publication that is read by people who are likely to be interested in your product. Yellow Pages advertising has the advantage that your ad is seen by people who are actually looking for your particular product or service, but the drawback is that it is side by side with all your competitors’ ads.

Direct Mail Services

Among all print media marketing methods, many marketers still believe that direct mail marketing has the most advantages. For a start, although it does carry costs, it is a lot cheaper than a magazine advert, and unlike a magazine ad, it can be addressed personally to a specific individual. Crucially, too, it is free of competition at the point at which it reaches the recipient’s house or business. It will be handled by the recipient, and because it is personally addressed, there is at least a good chance that it will be opened and read. As your customer base expands, it should be possible to target your mailings even more precisely, on the basis of the individual’s known interests and purchasing patterns. One of the greatest benefits is that the results, in terms of response rates, can be measured within a short time scale, which enables you to refine your marketing strategy for future mailings.

Put It All Together

Every business needs to use a mix of marketing methods, in order to establish itself in the market and increase its market share. Modern methods, including the Internet and social media, are certainly important, but print media marketing methods are still proving to be as essential now as they were 50 years ago. In particular, direct mail marketing, using the UK mail service and other local delivery services, is ideal for a start-up because of its cost-effectiveness, and because it is perfect for complementing other marketing methods. A method that is still used by giants such as Wal-Mart and Google, after so many decades, has surely proved its effectiveness.

This article was put together by Dan Hart of Cravenplan Computers, who specialise in SEO and internet marketing services.

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