PPC Traffic – 5 Steps for Effective PPC Advertising


Using pay-for-performance keyword advertising strategies, allows you to easily target your traffic, improve your conversion rates, and generate greater profits. These sponsored links will automatically appear in search engine queries on Google, Yahoo and other search engine sites. Only by developing a quality strategic plan, can you ensure the money your company spends produces the most effective results.

Research and Know Your Target Market

Only by doing an in-depth research can you understand exactly who your target market audience is, and how they behave online. Your researching should include detailing the difference between your target audience and “searchers” that are only curious and not ready to purchase. Seeking only those that are actively looking for what you offer will optimize the return on your investment.

Choose a List of Keywords

It is imperative to determine the optimal keywords to enhance your website ranking, improve website traffic, increase company awareness and generate higher conversion rates. Additionally, you will need to monitor basic tracking information, to determine optimal keywords and phrases as a way to increase visitor activity once landing on your site. Pre-SEO analysis will help to determine the most effective path to your website development, before you ever publish the site online.

Develop a Quality Landing Page

Spending money on quality PPC advertising will be for nothing, if you cannot develop a quality landing page. The webpage should be engrossing, entertaining and informative to keep the visitor excited and eager to look around. Your landing page is used as an effective tool to sell your product or service, and as a free resource guide to provide important information, along with a call to action (purchase a product/service, or click a link for more data).

Structure Your Ad Campaign

By developing proper structure of your PPC ad campaign, you can easily improve your relevancy in search engine queries, and increase your online visitors. By relating keywords directly to your ad copy, and connecting to your landing page message, you can enhance your company presence by improving website-visiting traffic.

Your new ad campaign structure should include budget control, based on PPC levels. This will allow you to leverage your new campaign based on keyword awareness, and the number of times each keyword is used. The structure should optimize the advertising campaign by moving heavily-used keywords into their own group and allow greater visibility to the other less used keywords. Some campaigns might include only a single specific keyword to gain full control over the budget.

Target Your Advertising to a Specific Geographic Location

Adjusting any advanced option to gain control over targets is essential to optimizing your PPC campaign. These options will include specific geographic locations, mobile and day-parting target options. Every effective campaign needs to be separated into their own unique target tablet and mobile campaign, which will be different from a traditional desktop campaign.

You can easily target specific keywords to various geographic regions, such as selling only cooler clothing in southern states, and only warm winter coats in the north. Using leverage to optimize your campaigns will allow you to take full advantage of all the information you receive from your visitors. This will ensure you take every opportunity to optimize a keyword set. Remember that effective PPC advertising is an ongoing journey that requires continual tweaking and management.

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