Must Know SEO Tips for Beginners

seo-checklistHow will your website/business benefit from search engines?

Every business should focus on search engine optimization in order to improve its visibility in the search engines. Once a business website sits at a healthy position in search results, there is every chance that more customers will follow. Search engines will send higher amount of generic traffic to your website and your business will start enjoying higher profits as a result.

What to know before building a website?

In order to take advantage of SEO, one has to consider implementing basic search engine optimization. These SEO tips will help you to improve your raw websites.

Note, before you try any optimization on your website, you have to make sure that you know where your business stands. You should know your position in the search engine and among the competitors. You should know about your visitors, where they are coming from and why they are coming to your website. This will help you to engage them at a later stage.

Google Analytics is a great tool for this task!

– Keyword Research:

Keyword research is one of the basic pillars of search engine optimization. You can use free tools like Google Keywords tool or buy some exclusive tools to go into even deeper details of keyword research. If you perform proper keyword research, your chances of succeeding with SEO will increase. Alternatively, a poorly conducted keyword research will lead to incorrect keyword targeting and you will not maximize the results from search engines.

– Links to your website:

One of the most important parts of SEO is linking back to your website. After the penguin update Id say the safest way to build links is doing guest blogging and submitting your articles to high authority blog platforms or websites. Keep in mind you need to create high quality articles to be accepted by webmasters or blog editorial team. Websites linking back to your website matters when it comes to authority. Getting links from higher authority websites may sound difficult but it will have huge impact on your search engine ranking.  And keep in mind DO NOT SPAM the search engines with low quality, spammy links.

The best links are the ones that are freely given from webmasters. For example if someone writes about your services, company or portfolio and gives you a link back without you knowing about it.

Here is one of the best link building presentations I’ve ever seen via Paddy Moogan. Definitely worth checking out.


– Sitemap is necessary:

In order to help search engines in their crawling process, you need to create a sitemap. Submit the sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools and you will have your website crawled regularly. You can find plenty of free tools to create xml sitemaps. You can also create one yourself if you know xml.

Having your sitemap in robots.txt file is also a good idea. This will help other search engines like Ask to follow your sitemap.

This is how it’s done:
User-agent: *

– URL structure:

Some people learn all the basic SEO tips but they never learn about URLs. Remember, giving a proper structure to your URLs is massively important. You should create short URLs with your keywords in there. Let your URL give an indication of the type of content people are going to find on your website. This will help you with search engine ranking.

– Using images:

Images have become a major part of SEO. Optimize your images whenever you are posting content. While using images, make sure that you are providing image description in the ALT tag while using your keywords in there. For instance, if you are posting about ‘Dog Collars’, you should use ALT tag with something like ‘dog collars image’, ‘image for dog collar’, or simply ‘dog collar’, assuming that ‘dog collar’ will be your keyword for the post.

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