How to Attract Fans to Your Ecommerce Store Facebook Page


Creating a Facebook page for your Ecommerce store just for the sake of being on it will not do any good for your business. As a business marketing strategy, you should be able to attract more and more fans to your Facebook page so that your target audience, here Facebook fans would be more connected to your business and somehow these fans could be converted as buyers, thus improve your business. Continue reading this article to know how to attract more Facebook users to become fan of your business.tyyyy

Have Fresh Content

The ultimate method to attract more and more fans to your ecommerce store is posting fresh, unique and worthwhile content on your Facebook page. This will make your current fans come back to your page and also attract new fans. Try to provide correct information at right time. In other words, try to establish and maintain relationship with Facebook fans by posting contents that would really enchant your audience.

Make your Page Attractive

Even you provide useful content, if your Facebook page is not appealing, then you might not be able to attract fans. If a person has to really strain his eyes in order to find some useful information provided in a page, will he go through the site or look for another one which provides similar information easily and quickly? Most probably, he would not go through the page which is difficult to manage. So, appearance of a Facebook page has a great role in attracting more fans. You should know how to arrange images, videos, contents etc to make your page worth.

Cross Promotion

Try to make the best use of social networking sites and other methods to promote your Facebook page widely. You can try YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, business newsletters, email signatures, blogs, business cards etc to make others aware that a Facebook fan page exists for your ecommerce store.

Monitor Discussions

Monitor discussion boards on your Facebook page and respond to your fans post. When you address the discussions, it makes them feel that they are respected and on the other hand, unnoticed issues indicate that you are not that serious about your business. So, you should find time to monitor discussions and respond as quickly as possible. Here, word of mouth publicity will work out in attracting more fans to your ecommerce store Facebook page.

Host Contests

Host contests on your Facebook page and offer attractive prizes. Ask Facebook users to become fan of your page to enter contests. Make the contests short, easy to participate and attractive. This would make attendees encouraged to spread the word about the contest on your Facebook page, thus attracting many more fans. You can also try to get partners who do similar kind of business to sponsor your contests and can work complementing each other.

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