How To Make Your PPC Ad Convincing?

ppc-downIf you can’t convince them, confuse them- this is a phrase marketers should definitely NEVER follow. If they can’t convince their potential customers, then sorry to say, they aren’t made for the job and should try something else! The underlying phenomenon of marketing is to create a need for a product which the consumers might initially think they don’t need at all. A successful marketer, therefore, embraces a number of techniques and integrates them in a way that is most appealing to the consumers.

The pay-per-click campaign (PPC) is one of the most ‘in’ methods of advertising and revolves around three essential components: well optimized land pages, relevant keywords and specific, focused text ads. The winning component here is the specific text- the higher the quality of your ad, the more innovative and appealing it is, the higher traffic that will be attracted to your website. So, what does it take to make an out of the world ad such that consumers drool over your products?

PPC Ads- Catching Consumer Attention

Using witty marketing strategies will help you win the game eventually. Here are some tips on making your PPC ads interesting and worth following:

  • Ask a question: Arouse curiosity, show a different dimension of your product and make consumers believe that they actually need the product. Use questions that would trigger responses from customers: want a happy end to your day? Think you have it in you?- are some of the questions which, although, say nothing about the product/service, yet succeed at grabbing one’s attention.
  • Add a tinge of humour: This can be a little critical as bad humour can backfire. People do like to have a laugh for entertainment but if you fail to achieve that purpose, you might as well enter the danger zone. Use phrases with positive connotations; lift up people’s moods.
  • Use colons and conclusive statements: try defining your product/service in a statement. Consumers won’t acknowledge your product unless you are not clear and specific- tell them what a wonderful experience they are in for- that one statement should be strong enough to change their minds altogether.
  • Personalize: Involve your target market into your ad. For example, if your product is aimed at children, have children play the major part in your ads.

Story making: you can have a series of ads that narrate a story; this way people will be eager to follow your advertisements and might get attached to the brand to the extent of repeat-purchasing your products.

  • Stress on the action: end your ads by statements like “read it now!” “get it now!” “download now!” These statements also urge consumers to try the product at least once and if you’re lucky enough, they might come back to click-away on your product too!

Therefore, as important as it is to innovate and to tap into new markets, at par is the importance of managing target customers well- attracting them to the product you make through witty methods can inflate the clicks to your website and translate into much higher revenue for your firm too!

Scott Heron is a expert in online marketing and advertisement. Based in Edinburgh, he works as a freelance SEO consultant and has expertise in PPC and SEO management.

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