The Similarities Between Lance Armstrong and SEOs

Since his name is mud right now, you probably aren’t too fond of the idea of being linked with Lance Armstrong.  However, the prospect of poking fun of him has enticed you to see what we have to say.

There are some very obvious similarities between Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace and the daily knife fight of SEO.  Fortunately, there are a few differences too.

Like many professional athletes, SEOs feel pressured to deliver results.  They are constantly tempted by the overwhelming evidence that some cheating works.  Even the purest athletes (and we aren’t saying Lance was ever “pure”) and SEOs contemplate stretching the boundaries of their ethics.

This leads to a difficult situation.  Like Lance’s decision to tempt fate with the Union Cycliste Internationale, SEOs will often take shortcuts and incur Google’s wrath.  Or, they take too few risks and get steamrolled by the never-ending stream of sites willing to cheat their way to the top – never earning even a single medal.

Fortunately, that is where the similarities end.  Unlike Mr. Armstrong’s decade-plus deceit, SEOs realize their dishonesty much quicker.  Plus, they genuinely repent and eventually remove themselves from the shady situation they find themselves in.

Don’t wallow for years and years with the shame of your tiny misdeed.  Check out this amazing contrographic and realize there are others like you out there.  Just as Lance’s confession has created a flurry of drama, let this example of the average SEO’s lifecycle spark some controversy in the comment section below!


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