New Enhanced Campaigns Bring Changes to Sitelinks

enhanced-campaigns-memeThe latest Adwords update, known as Enhanced campaigns, will become mandatory sometime in mid-2013. With the migration, there will be some key impacts to the legacy sitelink ad units – specifically around character limits. According to our Google reps:

At the moment, the new character limit for sitelinks only affects sitelinks created/edited in the upgraded user interface of Enhanced Campaigns. This means you should be able to add and edit sitelinks up to 35 characters until you opt into Enhanced Campaigns.

Essentially, once you opt into Enhanced Campaigns, any sitelinks over 25 characters will be disapproved. The character limit that Google supports in Sitelinks creation will now be changed from 35 to 25 characters.

  • Long Sitelinks don’t render well on mobile because of wrapping; so Google can’t just directly port the desktop UI
  • Long Sitelinks don’t work for Enhanced Sitelinks, which is where huge incremental CTR can be found
  • In general, longer Sitelinks don’t work as well as shorter ones
  • New Sitelinks created through AdWords will support only the new 25 character limit as of February 13th.
  • Legacy Sitelinks upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns will not be subject to change/disapproval on upgrade, if they exceed the 25 character limit

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