Use Pay per Click Call Tracking to Increase your Sales and Optimize Campaigns Faster

call_trackingAt the end of the day, if you want to know what products and services your PPC campaign is selling, you need a good phone call tracking solution.

Good call tracking technology will enable you to link your pay per click marketing campaign directly to sales.

If you do not have a phone call tracking solution, your analytic data will be quite limited.  You can still see the click through rate and have a good idea on sales conversions, but discovering the following will be difficult:

  • Which PPC campaign is selling which products
  • Which keywords are resulting in the sales
  • Which ads sell the most profitable products
  • Which keywords are your customers using to find my most expensive lines
  • What sells over the phone

With clever call tracking software, this can all change.


Discovering which PPC campaigns and keywords are selling your most profitable lines, can change your PPC management strategy entirely.

Using dynamic phone numbers in your PPC campaign, it becomes possible to determine which campaign is selling what product.  This enables you to determine the following metrics:

  • Cost per sale
  • ROI
  • Sales conversion rates specific to PPC campaign
  • Keyword used to find your ad
  • Phone calls which result in sales
  • Most profitable lines
  • The pages viewed by the visitor

With this information you now have the power to make important decisions about your PPC campaign.

Interestingly, you may notice some products and services sell better over the phone than others.  In fact, research shows that the more complex expensive items sell over the phone rather than by customers completing online forms.  According to ConStat Commerce Monitor Wave XII, 43% of conversions happen over the phone, and due to customers being unable to ask a sales assistant or see a product, most people like to speak to someone before buying expensive items.

Optimization of your PPC Campaign

If you’re measuring the success of your PPC campaign on its CTR and related conversions alone, modifying the campaign to increase conversions will be more difficult. Getting the right blend of keywords, together with ad and landing page copy, notoriously takes time to optimize to the full potential.

Phone call tracking will show you precisely what your customers are buying, what sells well via what medium, and the profit you are making from each sale.

If you have an active PPC campaign, phone call tracking will give you the information to increase your profits, and to increase your profits faster.

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