Life of an SEO: Before, After and Beyond Penguin [Infographic]

The infographic Life on an SEO: Before, After & Beyond tells how SEO professionals can keep up with current Google update in a simple, yet effective way. The educational and engaging infographic does not offer deep analysis of possible issues in the big world of SEO. This gives education on how SEO people can reach their goals without the need to change the wheel each time there is a new algorithm update.

Life of an SEO Before, After and Beyond Penguin

Life of an SEO Before, After and Beyond Penguin

This infographic covers all aspects and provides facts about the main areas in SEO such as how 43% of the business population today make use of tools like Disavow to eradicate bad links in case all other methods have not succeed. Moreover, areas like link relevance and backlinking are also presented where getting high rankings by using backlinks regardless of niche is no longer the practice. After Penguin 2.1, businesses are more into obtaining relevant links from sites with similar or same niches.

The current practices in content marketing and handling customer relations are also included in the infographic. These days, article submission on multiple directories is less favored when sharing relevant contents through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked in is more ideal. Blogging for business has also been the practice of SEO professionals today who have made their presence in search rankings.

Customers these days also have much participation other than posting testimonials. The impacts of Penguin 2.1 in current SEO practices have made customers more engaged in the business by encouraging feedbacks on Google Places. With all these, only a SEO professional well informed about these changes can achieve positive results.

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