Adwords Editor Version 9.5 Update for Windows and Mac

Tweet If you run an Adwords campaign, hopefully you are already using Google Adwords Editor. Plain and simple it is a massive time saver and allows for large updates such as keyword expansions to be completed much easier with a simple import and upload. For those without Adwords Editor, you can easily download it here: […]

Adwords Editor CSV Importing & Keyword Research Update

Tweet With all the noise Microsoft is making with the launch of Bing and a continued focus on improving the adCenter Desktop application as well as the UI, Google has recently released their own set up of Editor updates. Increase efficiency with CSV import. Something adCenter Desktop has offered since it’s inception, Adwords Editor now […]

Free Google Adwords Tools – The Agency Toolkit

Tweet I just came across this one-stop shop for all Google’s tools – the Google Agency Toolkit. These tools cover all 4 of the basics required for a complete and successful online advertising campaign: Planning Ad Planner Hot Trend etc. Creating Keyword Research Tool Adwords Editor etc. Placement Ad Preview Tool Placement Tool etc Measurement Analytics […]