Top 5 Misconceptions About PPC Marketing

Tweet Paid Search Misconceptions Pay Per Click marketing is one of the most widely used forms of advertising on the internet today and revenues from the medium make up almost 98% of all revenues for the single most powerful company on the web: Google; that’s more than $10 billion dollars for the last fiscal year. […]

3 Crucial Mistakes That Are Often Overlooked in Many PPC Campaigns

Tweet 3 reasons why over-eager PPC campaigns are not wise If you’re reading this article, you already know that a decent Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign has its benefits for businesses. Firstly, it gets your brand, products, and services in front of your target audience in the search engines, and secondly, it represents a whole new revenue […]

Google Page Preview in Search Results Makes an Appearance

Tweet While browsing this afternoon, I came across my first “Google Page Preview” experience. There’s been a “Page Preview” search option for a little under one year now, but this implementation is automatic and provides a lot more vertical glancing. I know there are quite a few blog posts about this already – some as […]

Google Webmaster Tools Now Showing “Total Links”

Tweet Google recently updated their Google Webmaster Tools to provide site owners with a lot of actionable data. While the updates were very informative and useful, the revisions did leave a key metric for SEOs – total links. This past Friday, Google announced they have re-added the “total links” value to the link reports in […]

Google Adwords Offers New Targeting Options for Mobile Ads

Tweet Google AdWords has rolled out a new targeting option for mobile ads. For those of you who are publishing ads on iPhones and other full internet mobile browsers, this new targeting feature will allow you to target specific mobile devices or carriers rather than targeting all of them. This new feature will be most […]

Google Releases 2009 Fourth Quarter Earnings Report

Tweet Google has just announced earnings for the fourth quarter of 2009. Most notably, revenues increased both quarter over quarter and year over year thanks to increases in both Google-site revenues and Adsense revenues. You’ll find some of the top highlights below: Quarterly revenues were up 17% to $6.7 billion. Yearly revenues ended up being […]

Google Content Network Optimization

Tweet The content network can wreak havoc on a campaign manager. Mastering the content campaign setup, ad copy, keyword and URL selection can be a challenge. Luckily, Google has developed a Getting Started Guide and, in addition, a series of 6 videos to help you master the Content Network. The guide and videos provide a […]

Google Grants – Get Your Free Adwords Advertising

Tweet I’ve never written about Google Grants but it’s a fantastic non-profit advertising program offered by Google. Google determines the advertising dollars you receive each month. In return, you are given an account that can be managed with a few restrictions – the two biggest limitations are: Cannot advertise on the content network Can’t bid […]

What is the Google Adwords Opportunities Tab Beta

Tweet The first tidbits about the opportunities tab were initially released in July. It has now been released to an expanded set of US advertisers and is being rolled out to U.K. and Austrailia advertisers as well. I have been receiving a number of questions related to this ‘new’ tab as it continues to pop […]

Google Adwords Launches Bid Estimator

Tweet Adwords has been launching a lot of great new features lately the most recent answers a couple burning questions that every PPC account manager faces: How can I increase traffic without burning through my budget? How will raising my bid for ‘x’ keyword impact my account? Typically, finding the right bid has involved a […]

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