20 Reasons to Switch to Google+

Tweet They say Google+ is a ghost town. Do you believe it yourself? When Google’s “new” social platform was announced, it seemed that people couldn’t wait to try it out. At the forefront were those who were sick and tired of Facebook. Privacy settings, circles, insightful exchanges – these were only some of the points […]

Google+ Now Open for Businesses – Verification and Vanity URLs

Tweet So, Google launched business profiles for their Google+ social network last Monday and the mad dash to claim one’s business is on! While the limitations of these profiles is pretty extensive (no contests or promotions) here are a few tips that will help you get started: First, join Google+ as a user if you […]

Top Google+ Advanced Tips and Tricks for Google Plus

Tweet With the overwhelming news, blog posts and industry talk of Google+, I thought it might be helpful to combine some of the best ‘advanced’ tips in one place. To be clear, this if far from exhaustive as Google continues to launch updates at a blistering pace and some of the power-users are finding awesome […]