Google Product Search Becomes Google Shopping – A Paid Service

Tweet Google Product Search Becomes Google Shopping Google product search has been a stalwart of online shopping for some years now, since 2002 when it was called Froogle in fact, but the process behind it is changing. It’s a big change that will have a substantial impact on merchants and shoppers alike. Google Shopping Google […]

A Guide to Using Google Places for Your Business

Tweet As the owner of a small business, you have to promote both your name and products in order to survive. But with all the tools and methods available these days, how do you know which ones allow you to increase wider exposure? Now, you have to know that while traditional advertising means (e.g. putting […]

Where Does Google Get Its Money? [infographic]

Tweet Google is one of many multi-billion dollar companies that is widely recognized in any country that has some access to the internet. While the corporate giant may own several subsidiaries, it is the technology giant’s search engine feature that still brings in most of its customers. It is also this search feature that is […]

4 iPhone Apps to Help You Manage Your PPC Campaign On the Go

Tweet The success of your PPC campaign depends on a number of factors. You need to do proper keyword research to know what your target market is searching for online, and you also have to submit competitive bids for your keywords in order to get a good chance of landing optimal spots in sponsored results. […]

The Masculine Line in Google Algorithm Update Names [Infographic]

Tweet Dominic, Austin, Fritz, Gilligan, Jagger, Vince – those guys changed everything. The naughtiest one is Dominic, who comes in between two chicks – Cassandra (April 2003) and Esmeralda (June 2003). No, I’m not talking about my buddies who have beer with me every day those are the names of some of the most significant […]

Google Redesigns Google Search on Tablets

Tweet Google has changed the way shows on tablets. The new interface focuses on making content more visible and accessible for tablet users by increasing the size of the search button, adding more white space, and making the search results bigger. Old Tablet Google Search Experience: New Tablet Google Search Experience: The new redesign […]

Google and Bing Search Operators

Tweet This post will be short and sweet – while working on some specific search queries, I stumbled across this list of search operators. Hopefully you’ll find it useful as well! Bing search operators and their intended use: Google search operators and their intended use: Enjoy brushing up your search engine operators 🙂

Capitalizing on Google+ with +1 Button Code and Resources

Tweet With the recent release of Google+ it appears the +1 button will quickly begin to offer increased value to webmasters if consumers begin flocking to Google’s new social network. With that in mind, I wanted to share a handful of resources for getting the +1 button implemented on your website. Below is the implementation […]

Details & Resources Around the Google+ Launch

Tweet Last night, you may have heard talk of a mysterious black bar appearing on the top of Or you may have even seen it yourself. No, you weren’t hallucinating. It was a sign of something about to show itself. Something big. As I am sure you all heard, Google is prepping to launch […]

Google Testing 6 Sitelinks in Adwords Ads?

Tweet While doing a Google search this afternoon I stumbled across an Adwords sitelink result I’ve never seen before. This is clearly something else Google is testing to a select few searchers. Per Google’s own admission here if an ad triggers sitelinks.. .. our system may include up to 4 of your additional links on […]

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