4 iPhone Apps to Help You Manage Your PPC Campaign On the Go

Tweet The success of your PPC campaign depends on a number of factors. You need to do proper keyword research to know what your target market is searching for online, and you also have to submit competitive bids for your keywords in order to get a good chance of landing optimal spots in sponsored results. […]

Alternative PPC Research Tools

Tweet This post will be short and sweet and focus on some free paid search tools that you might not have used before. 1. Google Sets – allows you to create lists of related keywords. Simply input one or more words and Google will suggest related keyword phrases. Tilde search operator – Using advanced search operators […]

PPC Calculator Application for iTunes & iPhone

Tweet Cesar Serna recently released a pretty cool tool for pay per click management that can be downloaded via iTunes or the App Store on your iPhone or Ipod Touch. Using simple sliders, you can control your CPC, conversion percentage and total clicks to quickly see if your pay per click campaign is headed for […]

Google for Advertisers Site Launches

Tweet Google recently announced the launch of Google for Advertisers. Google for Advertisers brings together all of the information and tools Google offers that best meet your clients’ objectives. Here are four ways to dive in and get the most from the site: Research the various media platforms Google offers and read straightforward descriptions about […]

PPC Tools: Google’s Search Based Keyword Tool

Tweet At the end of last year, Google announced the launch of the new Search-based Keyword Tool. This tool examines the content of your website and matches it against actual Google search queries. The output is a list of highly relevant, actively-searched keywords. For those of your advertising in different countries, an update has recently […]

Free Google Adwords Tools – The Agency Toolkit

Tweet I just came across this one-stop shop for all Google’s tools – the Google Agency Toolkit. These tools cover all 4 of the basics required for a complete and successful online advertising campaign: Planning Ad Planner Hot Trend etc. Creating Keyword Research Tool Adwords Editor etc. Placement Ad Preview Tool Placement Tool etc Measurement Analytics […]